AI & Metaverse bestselling author.
Telecommunications and Electronics engineer.

Technology Advisor for the European Commission.
Associate Professor at Francisco de Vitoria University and Villanueva University.
CEO of the Global Institute of Advisors.
Senior Member of IEEE.

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In short...

I hold an M.Sc. in Telecommunications Engineering, another M.Sc. in Electronics Engineering, an International Executive MBA, and an M.Sc. in International TradeI am a university professor of AI and big data at two universities, the founder of 4 startups, a Technology Expert about AI, IoT, and robotics for the European Commission and a Senior Member of IEEE. I currently run the Global Institute of Advisors as the CEO.

I am the author of nine books, including “An Infinite Mind” (Tusquets, Grupo Planeta, 2024) and “Journey to the Metaverse” (Business Expert Press, New York, 2023), five scientific papers, and 60+ others in professional journals and magazines. I have given 100+ keynote conferences.

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The full story

I obtained my M.Sc. degree in Telecommunications Engineering in 2001 and my M.Sc. in Electronics Engineering in 2003. After working as a university professor, an entrepreneur, and some executive roles in large international corporations like HP, Orange, and NTT, I got my International Executive MBA in 2013 from IESE Business School (training lectures in New York, Madrid, Shanghai, and Barcelona) with part of the program attended in CEIBS (China).
Distinguished as a Senior Member of IEEE in 2012, the largest engineers’ association worldwide, I am an active member of several committees related to Artificial Intelligence and other topics. Previously, I held the position of Vice President of the IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society for the Spanish Chapter between 2013 and 2017.
  • IEEE European Public Policy Committee (EPPC) on ICT, since 2023.
  • IEEE P3129 Standard for Robustness Testing and Evaluation of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based Image Recognition Service Committee, since 2021.
  • IEEE P3123 Standard for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) Terminology and Data Formats Committee, since 2021.
  • IEEE European Public Policy Committee (EPPC) on Artificial Intelligence (AI), since 2021.
  • IEEE European Public Policy Committee (EPPC) for Engagement on Grid Stability, since 2020.

I am a Technology Expert for the European Commission from 2019, on the subjects of Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Cloud, Big Data, and Robotics.

I have extensive experience in innovation and strategic consulting for ICT topics. I worked as a Research and Consulting Manager in the renowned international firm IDC and currently run the Global Institute of Advisors as the CEO, with branches in the US and Europe.

I am a published author of  seven books, the first one in 2008. Most of them are about specific technologies explained to business executives. I have also published five scientific papers, and 60+ others in professional journals and magazines. I have given more than 100 keynote conferences and executive seminars to C-Level suite members during my period as a Research and Consulting Manager in IDC.

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An Infinite Mind

The emergence of artificial intelligence and its challenges for the human species.

A ghost haunts our present: artificial intelligence. Since the end of 2022, digital tools that allow us to simulate, expand or complement human intelligence have shown a dizzying evolution whose benefits and potential risks for our species today seem unpredictable. 

Although the concept is still somewhat diffuse, artificial intelligence can be defined as the capacity that humans have given to specific machines to learn, reason and understand concepts. An Infinite Mind gives us an understandable and rigorous tour of history, procedures, technological architecture, and challenges of all kinds, as well as ethical and social, hidden behind this giant leap of humanity towards a future full of unknowns.


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When doing research or enjoying spare time to nurture the mind, some people prefer reading to go deeper into details. Others like watching videos to get a straight and fresh perspective within minutes. And others move fast to fetch an advisor or partner to discuss their motivations and ideas personally. What is your personal taste?

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"Antonio skillfully navigates the nexus between business and technology issues. Antonio gives enterprise customers a fresh perspective they always appreciate."
Pedro Díaz Ochagavía
Group VP Sales at TIBCO
"Antonio is a great professional with magnificent teaching qualities, an excellent capacity for work, and impressive communication skills, which he demonstrates with great success in his books. Working with Antonio, I have learned a lot."
María Teresa Gómez-Mascaraque

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Become a member of my Inner Cicle Club and get now a free copy of my new book “AI Explained – Artificial Intelligence: From Origins to the Future“.
It is free and open to all who like to be with me!